Your Workspace Experience


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What is your experience of your workspace?
How do you experience the spaces you work in?

As a business owner you will no doubt recognise that your workspace is a tangible business asset and like all assets it can appreciate in value as well as depreciate. The Workspace asset is one that you can have control over, its value is not just monetary.

Your workspace is an environment of activity. Whatever your business modus operandi the environment in which you conduct any part of your business will ultimately affect your own profitability and performance and just as importantly that of your team members. You can affect the asset value both to you and other occupants.

Some questions to consider:

Is your workspace working for you or against you?
Is your personal performance always 10/10?
Are you healthy – is your team, real or virtual, healthy?

Is there history of sickness and absenteeism?
Do you or your staff have back problems? Are you or they sitting comfortably?
Are silly mistakes being made due to loss of attention to detail that then causes loss of revenue?

Are you and your team HAPPY in your Workspace?


Your workspace can have a huge impact on your businesses bottom line.

change your space : change your world

Over my many years of working with large corporations establishing their workspaces, I have seen first hand the improvements in productivity and wellbeing of employees as physically changes take place.

Architects and Interior Designers work with business owners and stakeholders to increase the results year on year of their clients using design based solutions. BUT! I hear you say, “the likes of Google can afford it”, Google started business small and as it grew and started to employ staff they recognised the importance of their environment in retaining staff, ensuring staff enjoyed working for them, ensuring that everything they needed was at hand and they saw their profits grow as they attended to their workspace needs and appreciated it as an asset.

Many small businesses work in environments that been hastily pulled together with little thought paid to how that environment will affect them.

If you have reason to believe that your Workspace Experience is not doing what it should then get in touch. We can discuss your concerns and you can learn just how design based solutions can dramatically transform your profitability, performance, health and wellbeing and happiness.


Just a few of the services that clients have benefitted from:

  • Workplace analysis
  • Workspace Organisation
  • Interior design with your brand in mind
  • Interior design with performance transformation in mind
  • Space Planning – Spatial segmentation, Spatial Integration
  • Office Interior FF & A solutions – seating, storage, desks, cable management, soft seating, meeting rooms
  • Colour consultancy – selection & advice
  • Soft Furnishings
  • Artwork Consultancy and Supply
  • Tender Preparation and Contractor Sourcing and Selection
  • IT infrastructures
  • Corporate Governance and Security
  • Mobile and Remote Working Strategies


Over the years I have developed many relationships with experts in their fields to support the optimisation of working environments. I have a team of space analysts and planners at my disposal, office furniture manufacturers; that I have worked with for years; and to which my husband’s business is a specialist in developing corporate governance strategies and IT infrastructures to facilitate remote and mobile working. 

We can pull together a professional team to work with you to transform your business. Using design based solutions is a unique way of dealing with your productivity, performance and wellbeing issues.