UNIQUE designs with YOU in mind

My aim is to always provide my clients with stimulating and functional environments, that are UNIQUE to YOU and take into account your personal tastes, your aspirations and your lifestyle.

If would like a new design for your lounge, dining room, bedroom, home office, kitchen or bathroom, I can help you realise your dream home BUT only when I understand who YOU are.

finding the UNIQUE YOU

The first step is to schedule a FREE 30 minute telephone or Skype Consultation with me to establish your needs and to find some synergy. I work best with people that already have an understanding of the impact their environment has upon them, as I create spaces to support you and to enrich your life, spaces that will bring out the best in you.

Following the initial consultation, if we decide to work together, I will send you my “Getting Started in Interior Design” programme, valued at £150.00. Our initial meeting at your home will take place a week or two later and then we begin a process of discovery together.

Throughout the project I use a reiterative process of LISTEN : OBSERVE : DISCOVER : CONSULT and RESOLVE.

For me this is a very intuitive cycle. I want first and foremost to LISTEN to you – that means you have to talk. Talk about your life, your dreams, your aspirations, your home, your family. I need to OBSERVE you in your home surroundings. I observe how you interact with your space, I observe the things that you have and how you have placed them or how you use them in your home. Throughout this I am DISCOVERing YOU and your UNIQUEness.

There are times when you may find these initial steps of the process difficult, but the more honest you are with me and yourself, the greater the finished result.

When I have discovered the UNIQUE YOU, then the process of CONSULTing begins. Questions and answers, feasibility, and sourcing. It continues to be a two way conversation.

Bringing together all that I learn about you is the resolution. I RESOLVE to bring to you the basis of a scheme that may evolve over time, that can take on a life of its own, as we start to implement it. As you and I understand more about your YOUNIQUENESS, elements of the scheme may change. Don’t be afraid of this, I want to bring out the best of you in the design – understanding YOU is what makes the designs I create so YOUNIQUE. Blending my design skills and my intuition together provides you with a home you will love and cherish.

the practical side of your project – project management

Stage One – Concept and Design Development alongside tea and cake.


Stage Two – Specification and Sourcing – lots of intuitive and creative work for me during this stage


Stage Three – Project live on site – Creating the Dream and Making it Reality


Stage Four – Finishing Touches – Reality really hits home and the smiles appear


Stage Five – Champagne and photographes – lots of smiles and happiness



I can introduce you to contractors to fulfil the design if needed. If you already have trades you would like to use, then I can manage them on your behalf, ensuring that quality workmanship is upheld and that you do not need to worry about taking time off work. I can supply all paints and wallpapers and commission bespoke soft furnishings. All of this will be explained in further detail as the project scope evolves.


I really look forward to being able to help you create the home of your dreams. Spaces where you and your family and friends find refuge, strength, happiness and prosperity. I wish you joy in your home.

Julie Stevens