What is outside your office or workspace?

We all know, first impressions count. Whether you have a dedicated office building or a workspace at home, the kerb appeal for your place of work say’s a lot about you and your business.

Kerb appeal for your place of work

What does your entrance space say about you?

What does your entrance space say about you?

Regardless of the type of business you are in, you will always want to portray a professional image, so it’s worth taking a look at what you can improve on the outside of your place of work.

If you have a workspace in your home or a dedicated office building within your home area, you need to be thinking in terms of the outside of your property AND the area outside your workspace or office. For example, your garden and house exterior AND the route from your front door to your office space within your home.

Some suggestions to notice and become aware of are:

  • Litter – not only the obvious pieces of litter on the ground, think also of overflowing bins and posters on outside walls too. Are there stacks of old paving stones outside your house or kids toys all over the garden?
  • Bins – It’s worth considering moving your refuse bins so they’re not on display. Think also of the quantity and type of rubbish you have; especially if you’re presenting an eco-friendly or environmentally aware company.
  • Lighting – is there adequate lighting for the walkway to your office? If stood outside, can you easily tell if there is anyone in your office or workspace? Are there any broken bulbs outside your property?
  • Broken pathways – is the walk to your place of work safe for you and your visitors, or are there potential trip hazards along the way? Look for broken paving stones, weeds and grass clumps growing in gaps along the path and potholes in pavements.
  • Your office space

    Make your office space and extension of you and your business personality

    Entrance Door – how clean is your entrance door? Is it well looked after and fresh looking – or does it have faded fittings and chipped paint? Does it fit in with your business standards? For example, is it a sturdy looking wooden door or a flimsy plastic one? Does your entrance door look inviting or tired and dreary?

  • Signage – if you work from home, is your house number clear and prominent? If you work from a dedicated office is there signage clearly stating your company name? If you’re in a shared office building, is your name on the main entrance area – and is it clear where in the building you actually are?
  • Garden space – are the outside garden areas neat and tidy? Is the grass regularly mown and the plants maintained and pruned?

Finally, remember that the kerbside appeal for your place of work is not just important to your clients – it’s important for you too. When you approach your office or workspace you want to be inspired and motivated too; and a tidy, professional exterior will help you get into the right mindset prior to starting your business day.

Have you taken the time to notice the exterior of your office or workspace? Did it throw up any surprises for you? What one action step can you improve your office or workspace exterior? Why not share your thoughts and findings in the comments section below?
photo credit: The Little Greene Paint Company via photopin cc and Al_HikesAZ via photopin cc

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