Office toilets – the forgotten area for branding and styling

When it comes to business branding, we immediately think of logos, colours and style. We ensure our online sites are consistent, as well as our offline materials, such as business cards, stationery and such. If you have a dedicated office space for meeting clients, your thoughts on branding go as far as the colour and style of your office… but what about your office toilets and restrooms?!

The potential impact of toilets and restrooms

company toilets and restroomsI’m guessing most of you have, at some stage or another, visited and stayed at a hotel. You walk in and your first impressions are gauged entirely on the foyer and reception areas. This sets the standard for the rest of the hotel. You’ll be gauging whether it’s budget or upmarket, clean and tidy, shoddy and tired-looking etc.

You then walk up to your room and see it’s all clean and tidy (impression number two), then you check out the bathroom (impression number three)…

If you’re paying good money for the hotel and, gauged on your previous two impressions, the bathroom should match. You’ll expect a clean bathroom with fresh soft towels, good quality toilet rolls, good lighting and mirrors, possibly marble surfaces and shiny silver or brass fitments. Oh, and a little goodie bag of bathroom essentials that are cutcompany restroomse AND good quality!

You’d be REALLY disappointed if the bath had one of the plastic bendy tap attachments showers (pink, like your Nan or mum used to have to wash their hair!), thin hard towels – or no towels at all – and no little goodie bag. Why? Because it wouldn’t FIT with the overall hotel image.

Office toilets and restrooms

Now take this to an office environment. You’ve considered the colour scheme and overall styling of your reception areas and meeting rooms etc… but did you give the toilet and restroom areas a second thought?

Styling for office toilets and restrooms

When it comes to styling these areas, think back to that hotel visit for ideas. Look at the quality and branding of the following and decide what ones match the image you want for your business:

  • Toilet seat, lid and fittings – wood or plastic, brass or steel
  • Surfaces – wood, marble, Corian, metal
  • Flooring – carpet, wood, marble or laminate?
  • Hand towels – paper or towel roll, luxury or thin cotton


toiletries in company toiletWhen it comes to matching your image and brand, it’s the little things that can make the biggest difference in your restrooms and toilets. We’ve previously mentioned toilet roll quality and hand towels, but there are other things to consider too:

  • Soap – If it’s a bar, what brand is it? Is it in a dish or just on the surface? If using liquid soap, is it a named brand? Is it in a plastic dispenser or an ornate one?
  • Extra comfort items – Do you provide hand lotion and, if so, what brand and container? How about having a little basket of emergency supplies, such as a spray deodorant, hairspray, tampons and towels, safety pins etc.?
  • Room scent – Do you provide a room spray or have an automatically dispensing one? How about reed diffusers or gel stand-alone containers?

You can match the colour of your toiletries to your brand colours or you can go for a quality brand that matches the image and stature you’d like to portray.

Finally, think about the accessories in your restrooms and toilets. Do you have fresh flowers or fake ones? What covers do you have over the window area? How about towel rails and holders? Is there somewhere to hang up a coat and bag? Sanitary disposal bins, rubbish bins etc.?

When you break it down, the restroom and toilet area actually says so much about your company. And it would be a shame to let your branding and styling down…by not thinking about the smallest (but an essential!) room in your company!

If you have questions about styling your office toilets and restrooms, why not leave your questions in the comments box below – and I’ll do my best to give you answers!

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