Meeting Clients in Your Office Space

When you invite clients into your office space, you want to impress your professionalism and brand, even when you share office space. So how can you do that simply and effectively?

Customer journey

office space journey You have an opportunity to show both your organisational skills and your professionalism to your clients, before they’ve even arrived at your office. There are several things you can do to help make the customer journey a simple and pleasant one – one that showcases you and your company in a good light.

Things to consider include:

  • Travel information. Do you have a map on your website, with travel directions to your office? Do you provide details of public transport and taxi contact information, if they should need it? Do you detail information on security codes for gates and doors (if needed)? How about parking? Have you provided information on where the visitor parking is or is there is public parking (and how much this will cost etc.)?
  • Kerb appeal. How does the outside of your property look? Does the exterior of your office look inviting? Is it clean? Does it have clean paintwork and windows? Do you have plants or planters outside? If so, are they healthy and have they been deadheaded – or do they need replacing and watering? How about your door and its fitments? Are they of a suitable quality to reflect the quality and standard of your brand?
  • Reception area. If you have an entrance lobby or shared reception area, is there signage and details of how they can find your office – or are you there ready to meet and greet them? Are the seats, reading materials and plants clean, tidy and representative of your brand and quality?

The client journey

When it comes to leading clients to your office, what are they walking past? Do they have to walk past messy storage cupboards and storage areas, untidy work desks and broken equipment?

When arriving in your office space, what overall impressions are created? Do they see organised and well stored areas, with plenty of clear space? Is it easy to determine which office or desk to go to?

office spaceThink of your toilet and cloakroom. Do they continue your brand? For example, do you have brand colours for your toiletries and towels, and does the brand of toiletries you use reflect your brand?

Comfort and space

Do you have adequate space to comfortably fit a client in your office? Is there adequate seating and desk space for them to take notes if needed? Do you have everything you may need to hand? Do you have the facilities to meet your team? Do you have a more relaxed approach to meeting your team? A place for them to brainstorm and take notes etc., and do you have the same approach to meeting clients – or is this more formal?

Good manners

Finally, when it comes to good manners, it’s always a good idea to greet your guest at the point they first enter your building. You can then lead them through to your office, before standing aside to let them enter first. But good manners is also about giving your visitors essential information to make their visit less stressful and more enjoyable. For example, do you have the facilities to offer them refreshments? Do they know where the restrooms are? Do they have facilities to hang up their coat and umbrella?

Follow these simple tips and you’ll ensure all client visits to your home are enjoyable and relaxed – and adequately portraying the company brand and image you’d like.

How do you feel about having visitors to your office space? Does the building that homes your office let down your business? Do you struggle to layout your office in a way that allows you to have visitors? What are your main struggles and questions around your office design? Why not share your thoughts and issues in the comments box below? You can also visit my Pinterest page to get inspiration for your office area.

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