Does your office space promote who you are to your clients and employees?

What is your office space portraying to your clients and employees? Does it scream amateur or display your professionalism? Does it encourage employee interaction and collaboration… or is it stagnant and uninviting? What does your office space say about you and you company?

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A workspace that is minimal and white – clean and simple – but what does it say about the company?

For the big companies like Google, Rackspace and PKF Cooper Parry, the answer is a resounding “yes”! As detailed in The Sunday Times feature article: ”Does your office sell your business?”, these companies understand how important office design is. A well designed office not only increases productivity and encourages creativity – it also signifies who you are, what ethics you stand for and how visionary you can be.

Accountants PKF Cooper Parry wanted to brand themselves differently from the stereotypical accountancy image… their office design includes a treehouse –themed meeting room, complete with swing in the corner!

Improve health, wellbeing and performance

Your office design also shows if you care about your employees; not just your bottom line. Cloud computing services company Rackspace wanted to create a compelling work environment, one that employees can enjoy and want to spend time in. Their employees could work from home, but they wanted an environment that would encourage employees into the office, to interact with each other; one that would improve employee health and performance… they now have an indoor garden and 70’s inspired lounge area for employees to enjoy!

When looking to improve the overall health, wellbeing and performance of your employees, start by looking at the ergonomics, flow of work and overall organisation. Why not also consider some more creative solutions too? You may not have room for an indoor garden, but how about planted areas?

Use colour for branding and personality

Look at colour too – you use it in your branding – so why not use it within your office too? Colour not only highlights your personality and brand, it can also increase wellbeing and performance. Blue for example, can stimulate the mind and is therefore great if you need to concentrate for a long time, whereas yellow encourages creativity and connects you more with your emotions.

It doesn’t matter if your company is big or small but design does matter.  Whether you’re looking to break an old outdated image or expand on your personality or brand, the important thing to remember when designing your office is, it has to feel authentic. It has to make sense to you and your clients and reflect your brand ethics and the image you’re looking to portray. Take a fresh look around your work space and ask yourself… how does my office portray and promote me and my employees?

Do you have a great office space? What are your thoughts around today’s blog post? Why not add your thoughts in the comments section below. If you’d like to receive some immediate feedback on your office space, send me over some pictures of your space – just email them to with FIX MY OFFICE in the subject line.

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  1. Agreed, Julie – workspace is so important for the message it gives out. I once heard an experienced CEO of small companies say the first thing he did when going into a new business was to paint the offices, for the message it gave out and impact it would have on morale. I hope he took some advice so he could really maximise the results of it with his colour choices!

  2. Julie Stevens says:

    Bravo! The quick action taking will send out such a powerful message about the company to both its employees and the clients.

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