Communicating Your Brand in Your Space

When you work from home, ensuring your space and home accurately portrays your brand can be difficult – especially if you have other family members to consider. You want to appear professional, but you also want your home to be your family space.

Here are some simple tips for communicating your brand, whilst working from a home office space.

Colour and quality

business brandBranding doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. As a therapist, you can easily communicate your brand through the colour of your towels and the tunic you wear. But you can also carry your branding colours, if you’re not a therapist. For example, look at using colour matched folders, notepads and pens. You can also buy different coloured office equipment, such as laptop cases, staplers, wrist support pads etc. Think about the colour of your cushions, curtains and walls too – as they can all add an extra dimension to your branding.

The quality of those products also plays a part in communicating your brand. Do you go for budget products or branded goods? Plastic or metal? Cheap and cheerful or designer? Do you share a particular allegiance to a certain brand?

Overall design and appearance

When it comes to your overall appearance, does it match your brand? Following the tips above, does your office space portray the right colours and quality? Do you have real wood furniture, MDF, plastic or metal? How about your shelving and lighting – what are they made off?

Be prepared

colour brandThis is particularly useful if you share your work area with the rest of your family. You may decide to store your branded items, only bringing out particular items when clients visit. This means you have to ensure you have adequate storage and that it’s organised too.

For example, you may need to store the toiletries in your cloakroom or bathroom – as you don’t want your young children using your expensive hand washes and lotions! You may want a separate set of towels for your business to those you use at home – and having totally different colours will make it easier for everyone in your house to recognise them.

Having dedicated storage for your work items can be really handy. It allows you, not only to store those items you need to keep away from your family, but it also allows you to tidy away those things you don’t want your visitor to see, such as client projects, budget plans and design plans.


Finally, signage can be an easy way to portray your brand – and it isn’t something that is reserved for larger companies. You can invest in A-boards to go outside your home, pop-up banners for your office space, as well as signage to go on your garden fence, outside your home and even on your car.

Communicating your brand on a home office space doesn’t have to cost a fortune or be difficult. With some simple changes and adequate prior thought, you can easily brand your home office space. You can check out my Pinterest board for added inspiration too!

Images © kbuntu & AnnaElizabeth/Dollar Photo Club

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