Christmas Trends: Christmas in the workplace

When it comes to the festive period at work, it can be really difficult deciding what your stance should be. It’s not such a big issue if you work for yourself and only have contact with your clients online, but if you have other staff working with you or face-to-face contact with clients… you’ll want to find a happy middle ground.

When it comes to Christmas in the workplace, the number one question that is usually at the top of everyone’s mind is “Should I celebrate, or even acknowledge Christmas whilst at work?”

christmas in the workplaceShould you or shouldn’t you?

The real question that you should be asking is “Will bringing the festive period into work actually help my business?” Traditionally, Christmas is a time of goodwill and cheer, a time to celebrate things you are grateful for… and therefore, a perfect time of year for your business. You don’t have to go all out with lots of Christmas decorations, but you can take the opportunity to show your clients and work colleagues how thankful you are for their help and support – and to generally celebrate your achievements throughout this year.

christmasIncorporating Christmas into your workplace

Practical ways to incorporate the Christmas include:

  • Welcoming guests with mulled wine or mince pies
  • Having a Christmas tree in the corner of your office or reception area (checking that electrical cables and tinsel etc are not creating a tripping hazard!)
  • Having Christmas hold music on your phone
  • Sending out cards and/or gifts to your contractors, clients and employees
  • Holding a Christmas raffle for charity
  • Having a Christmas dress up/dress down day for your employees
  • Having a Christmas “awards” ceremony. This doesn’t have to be anything big, but you could reward the top customer or employee, the best salesperson or even the friendliest/most helpful supporter of your business etc with a voucher or low-priced gift. You can really think outside the box on this one!

Incorporating Christmas into your brand

Another great way to incorporate the festive period into your business is to include it in your branding. This includes things like updating your social media profiles with a festive banner or only using decorations that match your business colours.

What’s really great about these ideas is they are all equally relevant for solo run businesses as they are for larger companies… so, put on your creative hat and see how you can incorporate Christmas into your workplace!

Do you have any plans in place to incorporate Christmas into your workplace? If you want some ideas for Christmas office decorations, or if you’d like to order your office some festive decorations, take a look at my Christmas styling page.


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