Should I take my property off the market over Christmas?

If you are currently looking to sell your property, this time of year can be a tricky one. You want to sell your property for the best possible price, but you also want to relax a bit and enjoy the build-up to Christmas, without having to be in permanent “show” mode. So, what is the best option for sellers over the festive period?

Selling your property over christmasWhat are my buyers doing in November and December?

To decide on the best option for you, you really need to ask yourself this question. The chances are your buyers are otherwise preoccupied with all things Christmas! If your ideal buyer is a family, they’ll be getting in Christmas shopping, buying presents, preparing for school plays, family visits and end of year work parties.

If you’re looking for an older couple, they’re pretty much going to be doing the same! The one thing your ideal buyers are probably NOT doing is house hunting!

selling your home at ChristmasProperties lose value over Christmas

Advertisements get brighter, louder and larger during the build up to Christmas, as those in most types of business try to catch the attention of your ideal buyers.

Also, when potential buyers come to view your house, they’ll be attempting to see past, not only your own style, furniture and decor, but also the Christmas decorations and presents etc – all things that take up room and won’t be showing your home in the best possible light.

When it comes to competing with Christmas, your property is fighting a losing battle… and, as a general rule, property values temporarily go down during the festive period.

What should I do now?

internet estate agentsIf you’re looking to get the best price for your home, you really need to consider taking it off the market during November and December. Having a break will ensure your property has a fresh new feel when it’s put back on the websites in the New Year… and will catch buyers when they’re still in high spirits and added New Year intentions.

Ask your estate agent to remove it from online sites and newspaper advertisements during the festive period. However, ensure he knows you’re still available for viewings from those buyers who are truly serious and specifically ask about your property. This “soft sell” way will guarantee you’ll all get to enjoy Christmas without interruptions… unless they’re from viewers who are really serious!

If your property is on the market now, call your agent straight away and get them to pull it from all the online portals – they can do a soft sell if you are happy with that.


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