Summer selling and your property

As with anything, there are ‘in’ and ‘out’ seasons for selling items. Different seasons reflect different buying habits. For example, you wouldn’t sell much ice cream in winter and you certainly won’t get many takers on a boots or umbrellas in summer. It’s the same with your house; unfortunately, summer is definitely not a good time to sell – especially if you’re selling a home to a family.

Why people don’t want to go property hunting in summer

summer sellingThe simple fact of the matter is this; people are too preoccupied during the summer months – on going away on holiday and/or occupying the children during the school summer break.

There just aren’t that many people interesting in the hassle of property hunting with the kids in tow. It’s usually hot, they’re bored and you’re on your last nerve.

But as a seller, you have the same problem – the kids are around and they’re bored, toys are out and you have more of a job keeping the place visit-ready.

So what’s the ideal solution?

The best solution is to actually rest your property during the six week school summer holiday period. Take it off the market and get your estate agent to remove the online advertisements. However, also make it clear that you’d still like him to recommend your property to those ideal candidates who visit the estate agents in person.

What if you have no choice but to keep your home on during the summer months?

summer drinksThere will be those sellers out there that have no choice but to keep their property on the market. If this is you, then you need to remember three things – be organised, be prepared and make the most of the summer.

Be very organised – look to have regimes in place for the children (and adults!), to ensure everything is kept tidy.

Being prepared – look to offer cold drinks to those viewing your home. They may have their children with them, so have some plastic cups ready for the kids, so you can offer them a drink too. Also offer them the use of your toilet, as soon as they arrive, as children may be too embarrassed to ask.

Make the most of summer – Take advantage of what summer does have to offer you. Open patio doors so viewers have a direct view your garden, complete in all its summer glory. Also open plenty of windows, so the house is fresh and more appealing.

No matter what position you are in, whether you’re selling or resting your property during the summer months, remember there is going to be a natural slow on the amount of views you’ll have. So give your property the best chance – and then focus on enjoying summer yourself!

How do you feel about selling your property over the summer period? Are you in a position where you’re able to rest it or does necessity dictate it has to stay on the market? If you have a summer selling dilemma, post your questions below and I’ll do my best to provide you with a solution.

Images courtesy of Andy Dean & Joshua Resnick/Dollar Photo Club

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