Selling your home? You need these 3 P’s in place

Now we’re into 2016, the kids have settled into the school routine and Christmas is far behind us, the timing may be right for you to look at selling your home.

The 3 P's of selling

Whether you’re looking to sell in order to move areas, downsize or upscale, now is the time to start putting your plans into action – so make sure you have the 3 P’s of selling covered BEFORE you up your home on the market.



Decluttering should be at the top of your to-do list, when it comes to presenting your home to potential buyers. Go through every room and clear out unnecessary clutter – but don’t just move it to the garage or loft – otherwise you’ll be creating double the workload!

Another essential part of presentation is making sure each room has a clear purpose. If at all possible, take every room back to its original function. This will help potential buyers see the full potential of each room – so if you’re currently using the lounge as a hobby and homework room, look to return it back to full dining room glory.

When it comes to presentation, don’t forget to include those often neglected areas, such as your loft, garden, shed and out buildings. Look to declutter them too – as this will help potential buyers see exactly how much room each of these places have available.


When it comes to promotion, it can be all too easy to leave it to the estate agent – but please don’t. You want to have a clear strategy in place, one that both you and your estate agent are aware of. That way, you’ll both be clear on what is expected and who will be carrying out which strategy.

Basic promotional activities you need to consider include photographs, advertisements, where your house will be marketed, the features you want highlighted and the language and wording used in the advertisements.


A great way to help stretch your moving and selling finances further, is to look at options available that lower the overall cost of selling your home. One of the most notable is the ‘Property Ladder’ and ‘Double Your House for Half the Money’ presenter Sarah Beeny’s online estate agent company ‘Tepilo’. They have low selling fees and simplify the entire selling process – making it a great resource for DIY home sellers.

When it comes to pricing your home, make sure you assess the local market. Overpricing your home is a common mistake and it will put off potential buyers – they won’t offer a lower price, they just won’t view your home at all.

Look to get three valuations at least and find a comfortable even ground. Once you have a price in place, do everything you can to help reach that figure. This includes making sure your home is presented nicely (both inside and out), you’ve decluttered everything and you’re also helping to advertise your home on social media (such as sharing links to its online advertisement etc.).

The 3 P’s are the essential first steps needed, if you want to sell your home quickly and for the right price, so go through the steps above and get selling ready.

When it comes to getting your home ready to sell, it can all be a little on the daunting side to do it all yourself. There are however, other people who can help – and it doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think it may be. So why not give me a shout and see how I can help make the three P’s easier and less stressful for you? In the meantime, why not get some inspiration from my Pinterest board?

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