Revise strategy and refresh advertisements

If you’re selling your home and the viewings has slowed down or stopped, it may be time to sit down with estate agent and work out why it hasn’t yet sold.

Take the time to have an honest and frank conversation with them to clarify you’d like to revise the strategy and refresh your property’s advertisements. Here are some insights into what to discuss, clarify and change.

revise strategyPrice drops…?

One of the first things your estate agent will probably suggest is that you lower the price. However, don’t be fobbed off over a price reduction. If this has been suggested, make sure you only go ahead with it if it can be demonstrated that the price was wrong. How? Well most estate agents will overprice your property so the vendor thinks it’s worth more than it is!

There’s also a current uplift in the market – so you want to know why they are now looking at lowering the price? Is it because it was originally overpriced or are they looking for an easy way out?

Refresh the advertisements

As mentioned in last week’s blog post, refreshing your advertisements is a great ideas. Not only can you look to get new angles on the original photos – look to get new images done too – especially if there’s features and great selling-points that were missing from the original set.

Whilst you’re looking at the advertisements, look at the wording. Can this be rewritten? Are there things missing? What can you focus and highlight in the advertisement copy?

What will the agent do now?

get the factsAsk your estate agent what they are going to do now. What will they add in? What do they consider has and hasn’t worked? What will they be changing? What will they do differently?

Don’t be frightened to ask them for new suggestions – they’re gaining out of your property sale too – so get them to be honest with you and discuss what they’re going to change.

Look at guerrilla marketing

There are some brilliant (and sometimes, blindingly obvious!) guerrilla marketing tricks and tips that work really well for property sales – and they don’t always have to cost you money.

Take a look at Samantha Ashdown’s ‘Home Truths’ blog article on guerrilla marketing – it includes some great tips, including using social media and adding the property price to your ‘For Sale’ board!

Finally, remember it isn’t just down to your estate agent to sell your property – you need to be investing your time and energy too! Take a look at Samantha’s guerrilla marketing tips and see what you can get implemented.

How do you feel about having an honest and frank conversation with your estate agent? Is there something you’re going to start implementing now, to help your property sell? What are your thoughts on refreshing your property’s presentation and revising strategy? Why not leave your thoughts, opinions and tips in the comments box below.

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