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When summer hits the housing market, sales always slow down. That’s why I recommend you take your property off the market during the kids summer holiday period. As mentioned last week, it can be difficult to stay motivated during this period – and that’s why I recommend you take the quiet time to refresh your presentation.

Refreshing your presentation means focusing on two main areas – your home itself and your estate agent brochure and/or advertisements.

refresh your presentationRefresh your home

With the nice warm weather upon us, it’s the perfect time to take the opportunity to give your property a top-to-toe clean, refresh and revitalise.

Cleaning – look to give your carpets a deep clean, whilst the weather’s warm enough to get them dry. Clean all windows, frames and doors – inside and out.

Refresh – take a critical look at paintwork on walls and woodwork. If it needs touching up or refreshing, look to get that done during this quiet period.

Revitalise – take advantage of the summer sales to refresh accessories. Not only does this keep your décor in fashion and provide you with a few new treats, it also is something you can take with you when you move. Look to revitalise cushions, throws and bedding.

Start packing and storing – look to have a good sort out. Again, this is something you can do for all the rooms inside the home – but also think about outside storage areas too – such as sheds, garages and summer houses.

Refresh your estate agent advertisements

get new photosRefreshing the presentation of your home is only one side of the coin – the other is to refresh your property listing.

Obviously, whilst your home is off the market, it’s worth clarifying with your estate agent that you’d still like him to book in serious buyers, especially if they’re your target buyer and are after a home to your specifications. You’re looking to just take down the online marketing and advertisements in their window.

When it comes to refreshing your estate agent advertisements, take into account the following:

Have new photographs taken – with the nicer weather upon us, it’s the perfect time to get a fresh set of photographs taken.

Consider having your photos taken at a new angle – there may be features you neglected to have photographs taken for. Another option is to take an entirely different set of photos, displaying your home at a different angle or from a different viewpoint. Take a look at the original photographs and clarify that the ones used highlight the best parts of your home.

Review and revise the advertisement wording – again, there is usually a lot of scope here to change the wording and angle the advertisement more towards your target market.

Finally, look to revise your overall selling and marketing strategy. This involves sitting down with your estate agent and having an honest and frank discussion over the progress so far. You can then come up with a new strategy involving targeted marketing.

There are so many guerrilla marketing techniques you can use, that probably aren’t already being used in your campaign – I’ll be covering them in next week’s blog, so make sure you pop back next week to read all about them and get your home sold faster!

Images © Kurhan & Milkmax/Dollar Photo Club

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