Keeping Motivated during the summer months

When it comes to selling your home during the summer months, it can be hard. The sunshine always makes everything look so much better, the garden is full of summer blossoming plants and the grass is green and lush… the only thing missing is viewers for your property! summer sellingHowever it’s important to stay motivated and not take the lack of viewers personally – and that can be really hard, especially if you’re desperate to sell your property. As mentioned in last week’s ‘Summer Selling’ blog, I’d recommend you take your property off the market and give it a breather over the summer months. So what can you do to keep your motivation high during this lull? Here are my top three tips. Tip #1: Remind yourself it’s not personal The fact is house sales drop during the summer months – from August through to when the kids go back to school. There are far too many other things going on that take attention away from house hunting. If you have children yourself or if you’re selling to a family, remember the kids are on summer break – so families are going away for summer holidays. Parents are focusing on keeping the children entertained – and the last thing they want to do is drag them around house viewings. Not only because they’ll be bored, but it’s also too warm as well. The same really applies to you – how much more difficult is it to keep your property ready for potential viewings, when you have the kids home! Tip #2: Get on with your preparations and clearing summer selling projectsTake the opportunity to carry on with your own moving preparations. Look to declutter and clear. Pack away things you want to take but that don’t need to be out (such as winter clothing and blankets etc.). Clear out your kitchen units. Again, look to box up and pack away those things that don’t need to be out and get rid of those items you’re not really interested in keeping (or are keeping because you feel you ‘should’!). Go through and declutter your home. Get the kids to sort out their toys and storage cupboards/chests to donate unwanted and outgrown toys, books and clothes. Clear your counters of ornaments and pack away most of your book, CD and DVD collections. It’s also a perfect time to sort out the exterior of your home, so make sure your windows and frames are clean, fence and door are clean or freshly painted and clear forgotten items from your garage and loft. Tip #3: Refresh your presentation During the quiet summer months, as you’ve got your home looking even better and clearer now, it’s the perfect time to refresh your advertising – ready for putting it back on the market. Refreshing your presentation is such a huge subject, I’m going to discuss this in greater detail in a separate new blog post next week – so make sure to check back then! What plans can you implement whilst you’re experiencing the lull of the summer break? Are you planning on taking a break yourself or are you – and your home – staying on the market for summer? Why not share your thoughts and tips in the comments box below. Images © Sunny Studio & NinaMalyna/Dollar Photo Club

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