Is your home ready to sell?

If you’ve recently made a decision to sell your home, you’ll be eager to get started. It’s all too easy to make looking for estate agents your first step as, after all, you need to get valuations, sorted and find out who’s offering the best fees etc., right?

IS your home ready to sell?

Well, wrong actually! I understand that you’re ready to sell your home but, before you start calling around local estate agents, you need to get your home ready for selling!

The following top tips should ensure your home is in a sale-worthy state, prior to calling in the estate agents. Use them to create a checklist of things that need doing, so you can ensure you’re showing both estate agents and potential buyers, the very best view of your home – and ensuring you get the best possible price from the subsequent sale.

#1: Maintenance and repairs

This can create a rather large to-do list, so make sure you give yourself ample time to carry out these tasks. Look to include everything from loose and blocked guttering right through to replacing threadbare carpets and repainting grubby walls.

#2: Outside appearance

First impressions really do count, so make sure any visitors are not put off by outside appearances. Check everything is in good working order – from doorbells to outside lights. How tired does your front door and window sills look? Could they do with a clean or a fresh coat of paint? What about hedges, trees and plant pots? Are they looking tired, dejected and in need or a trim or replant? Finally, if you have children, ensure their toys are cleared away – and if you have animals, pick up and tidy away any evidence of their ‘freedom’ around your garden; including toys, digging spots and of course, ‘little presents’!

#3: De-clutter

Get everyone in your house to go through their possessions and have a good clear out. Tackle a room at a time and clear out old files, paperwork, ornaments, clothing and books etc. Be ruthless – if you haven’t used it for over a year – do you really need to keep it?

#4: Package and store

Once you’ve gone through your house de-cluttering, look at packing up those knickknacks you’re looking to keep. Thin out your bookcases and closets, packing away anything that can be stored. Think of the time you’ll be saving later, when it comes to moving!

#5: House appeal

When it comes to selling your home, gender neutralising it is something that is seldom thought about. However, not everyone can see past strongly feminine or masculine surroundings. A couple of things you can do include painting rooms neutral colours and clearing away Barbie pink walls and fluffy toys – especially if your home is really girly. You could look to soften a really masculine environment by adding flowers and using softer colours for the walls and accessories.

As mentioned above, some people find it difficult to look past the current surroundings – and this makes it harder for them see past what a room is currently being used for. This is why it’s so important to turn rooms back to their main purpose. For example, if you’re currently using the spare room as a store room or office, look to clear it out and return it to a bedroom. This will help viewers visualise how it can practically be used for its original purpose – rather than implying that it’s too small for the original rooms intention.

By taking the time now, to carry out the tasks on your checklist, you’ll be ready to sell, will be showing your home in its best possible light and will also positively impact the end selling price too.

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