Getting ready to sell your property

You’ve made the big decision that you’d like to sell your home. You’ve got over that first big hurdle and now it’s time to look for an estate agent and get a valuation… right? Wrong! There’s still so much you can do BEFORE you start researching estate agents and getting evaluations.

What’s top of your priority list?

What SHOULD be top of your priority list is actually getting your home ready for selling. You have already worked on your mindset (you can

selling your property

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read the blog post on mindset here) so now it’s time to get your property ready. It’s worth working through the following five tips and making a checklist of things you need to get completed, and then completing them – before you give any estate agents a call.

#1: Maintenance and repairs

We all have maintenance jobs that were never fully completed or were never started in the first place. Now is the perfect time to go around your property and make a list of all of those jobs that need doing. From checking the guttering and sweeping up leaves – right through to redecorating scuffed paintwork and tightening loose, squeaky door hinges – get those jobs on your checklist and get cracking on them!

#2: Outside appearance

Don’t forget the first impression someone has when coming to your home. Is your lawn well maintained? Does your front door look tired and dirty? How about your doorbell and outside light; do they work? Are your windows and window dressings clean and tidy? Look to ensure your garden and boundaries are tidy and clean too; check fences, revive those flower pots and trim hedges and trees. If you have children, ensure tidying your propertytheir toys are cleared away and you’ve picked up – and if you have animals, pick up any ‘evidence’ of theirs that may be laying around the garden and fill any digging spots etc.!

#3: De-clutter

Get everyone in your house to go through their possessions and have a good clear out. Tackle a room at a time and clear out old files, paperwork, ornaments, clothing and books etc. Be ruthless – if you haven’t used it for over a year – do you really need to keep it?

#4: Package and store

Once you’ve gone through your house de-cluttering, look at packing up those knickknacks you’re looking to keep. You could really thin out those bookcases and closets, package them up and store them – think of the time you’ll be saving when it comes to moving!

#5: House appeal

selling your property

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There are a couple of relatively easy things you can do to really make your home attractive to all. The first is making it appealing to either sex – for example, getting rid of Barbie pink walls and clearing all the fluffy toys, if your home is really girly and adding flowers and softer colours if your home is really masculine.

The second thing you can do is turn the rooms back to their main purpose. For example, you may currently use the spare bedroom as an office or playroom – but does that help sell that space as big enough for a bedroom? Show it to its best advantage by putting a bed in there and storing or moving your office equipment. Does your dining room get used as a hobby or junk room? Clear it out and set out the table, to show how spacious it can be.

It’s also worth having a walk around and trying to see your property from a prospective buyer’s point of view. If you struggle to do this yourself, why not invite a friend over to give their opinion? Alternatively, you could seek out a consultant on the House Doctor network to help you get your home ready for selling.

Selling your property doesn’t have to be stressful or difficult. Why not download the FREE Younique Designs app and read our ebook on de-cluttering – this will help you take out some of the stress and make it easier for you to sell your home at the right price!

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