Do your property photographs tell the right story?

professional photographWhen it comes to selling your property, photographs are an essential part of your portfolio. Not only do they help tell the story of your house, they should also accurately portray it… so how can you make sure they tell the RIGHT story?

Your property photographs need to attract the right buyers, to ensure your property sells for the price you’re after AND in the timescale you want.

Good quality

Your images need to be of good quality – especially as they’ll be going online. The vast majority of your potential buyers will be searching online, so you want your images to stand out and really show the potential of your home. Good quality images will inspire those internet browsers to take action and book in to view your property – and amateur looking photos will NOT get that same response.

How many photographs do you need?

This really depends on the size of property you’re selling, but you will need to ensure the first few images online cover the following:

  • Front shot of your home
  • Main living area
  • Kitchen
  • Master bedroom
  • Main bathroom

kitchen photographYou can then add more photographs to encompass what you consider the main bonuses of your property, such as the view from the patio doors, the impressive bay windows or other features, the en-suite bathroom or the garden areas etc. You can always make a list of the photos you’d like taken and let the photographer know, prior to his arrival.

Pay special attention to the kitchen and bathroom

Buyers are particularly interested in how the kitchen and bathroom look, so ensure you spend extra time preparing these rooms. Take time to ensure:

  • Fruit bowls have fresh fruit in
  • Tea towels and towels etc. are all clean
  • Chrome taps and fittings are polished and shiny
  • Mirrors and gloss work surfaces are polished and shining
  • Don’t forget to clean the tiles – both in the kitchen and bathroom!
  • Ensure toilet rolls and soaps are all fresh – it helps add that extra professionalism to the photographs
  • Consider adding a flower display or vase of flowers

Tips for great photographs

When it comes to making the most out of your property photographs, you want to remove as many potential negatives as possible. You living room photographtherefore may want to consider the following:

  • Remove all pet bowls and beds etc. – as not everyone likes animals and they may find them a turn-off in regards to your property
  • Ensure all gardens are clean and tidy
  • If you have a good view into your garden, open the window or patio door, to help encourage them to look further
  • Put away clutter – this includes clothing, toys, shoes, knick-knacks etc.
  • Try to get images whilst the sunlight is on the room AND turn on all the lights too – it helps open up the room

Taking the time to get your house ready, prior to it being photographed, is a huge part of getting the right photographs – and ultimately attracting the right buyers.

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