Julie Stevens – interior designer, home stager, speaker, writer


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Home Design Specialist

Julie’s career in Interior Design started in 1992 initially managing large scale office design projects. In 2007 she started her own design consultancy, Younique Designs Ltd and immediately worked with the tag line UNIQUE designs with YOU in mind. Julie understands that the core of any great design solution starts with an understanding of the occupants of the space – thats YOU. Without knowing you, Julie cannot design for you. Julie’s intuitive approach to people and spaces has been with her for as long as she can remember. She says: “From an early age I remember knowing if I liked being in a space or not. I would hide behind my Mum’s legs if I felt insecure or afraid. I recognised and acknowledged in my teenage years that not everyone understood that their environment affected their health and emotional wellbeing.”

Julie works really well with people going through change in their life. She uses her design skills to support and enrich peoples lives. She allows people to fall in love with their homes and workspaces, to feel safe and secure, happy and free.

House Doctor® Consultant

Following Julie’s decision to start her own interior design consultancy, Younique Designs Ltd in 2007, she realised that many home sellers were selling homes designed to live in and not necessarily designed to sell. The properties were not appealing to the target buyers. Realising that there is a big difference in designing a space to live in and a space to sell, Julie partnered with the House Doctor Network® and undertook all courses and project assessments to become a recognised House Doctor consultant. She is trained to advanced level. Coupled with a BA (Hons) degree in Interior Design and as a Fellow of the RSA, Julie continues to make a difference for her clients by incorporating her knowledge, passion and intuition into each project.

Julie’s work as a Home Stager (another way of describing the work of a House Doctor), is getting results. She specialises in working with properties that have not been on the market for 20 plus years. She understands the dilemmas faced by these home owners and is able to offer them the support, techniques and strategies to enable them to move on with the next phase of their lives. Her programme Goodbye House : Hello Home™ is set to change the way we all think about buying and selling property.


Workspace Experience Specialist

Since the early 1990’s Julie has helped business owners and managers realize the potential of their work environments. She understands the necessary components that go together to ensure that businesses and individuals are productive, happy and profitable. Her belief that our environments affect our performance, productivity, wellbeing and happiness is supported by countless and continued research.

Her Degree Dissertation “Design, Workstyle, Workplace : an examination of Symbiosis” won a School of Architecture prize for research. Julie continues to marry together her passion for dynamic Interior Design and Architecture, her practical management experience and business ownership, to bring you the expertise that you need to ensure that your working environment is working for you and not against you, so that your business strategies, dreams and desires can be achieved.

The expertise, once only available to large corporate style organisations, is now available to SO:HO’s (Small Office : Home Office), via Julie. Making the move from corporate style to SO:HO herself when she established Younique Designs, she knows first hand the challenges that modern day business owners face.

Julie Stevens, Interior Designer, Home Stager, Speaker, Writer

Julie Stevens, Interior Designer, Home Stager, Speaker, Writer