Julie Stevens
BA (Hons) Interior Design | FRSA | IOEE

interior designer | property stylist | speaker | mentor

enclosing behaviour.

Following redundancy from an Architectural and Construction recruitment company back in 1992, I became the Procurement Project Manager on a key London relocation project for Goldman Sachs. I worked alongside the USA based project Architects Genslar, ensuring that the project was delivered to the exacting requirements of the client.

I already had a keen interest in Interior Design, but the Goldman’s project and the variety of blue-chip projects that followed, fuelled within me a passion for cohesive living spaces and working environments. Spaces and environments designed to have a positive impact on every aspect of daily life.

I have always been astutely aware that my feelings and subsequent behaviours are affected by the space I am in. Over the years I have studied Psychology, Sociology and latterly Feng Shui, to grow my understanding of the subconscious forces that shape how we think, feel and behave. As a consequence I design spaces that have a positive affect on our lives.

design manipulates behaviour.

In 2004 I graduated as a mature student with a degree in Interior Design and Architecture. My award-winning dissertation entitled “Design, Workstyle, Workspace – an examination of symbiosis”, took my experience of blue chip office environments and often intangible design interventions, and demonstrated how our environments can mould us and cause our behaviour to unknowingly be manipulated into action.

our subconscious minds respond to our environments.

This was further reinforced when I came to sell my first house. I interviewed several local Estate Agents and was told to paint everything magnolia ‘to give viewers a blank canvas’. However, I knew that this of itself would not work. I added colour and created focal points and brought to life a place that my buyers would aspire to own. A place that when they first walked into it, caused them to go ‘Ahhh….’ not Wow! A place that they knew they could call home from day one.

It still amazes me that people don’t realize the affect spaces have on them.

something Younique.

Younique Designs was established in 2007 following another redundancy – this time from a commercial interiors consultancy.  Emerging as a dedicated residential Interior Design consultancy it has now blossomed into a multi-faceted interior design consultancy, serving home owners and business owners through the sub-brands Younique Interiors and Younique Workspace.  The Younique brand is growing – you can now download the Younique Designs App available on Apple iTunes and Google Play and the Younique Designs Podcast was launched in January 2015.

The professional team draws upon the expertise of other design professionals, trades and contractors as required.  The company is fully insured with both Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance.

we are all unique yet similar.


Using Design based Solutions to affect behaviour works
– it may seem intangible but my clients love their newly created homes, properties sell and businesses prosper
– so something must be working!

Whenever I can I love to travel and experience the many cultures of our multifaceted world. I have had the privilege to work in India, Malaysia and Thailand and have visited a wide variety of other countries including China, The Yemen, Indonesia, Egypt, and Russia. In my mid thirties I learnt to ski and now enjoy skiing the mountains at Whistler Blackcomb in Canada. Wherever I am my eyes are constantly observing all that is around me.
Observing people as they interact with their environments.

Julie Stevens - travels around the world