Is your décor ready for Christmas?

getting ready for Christmas guestsI know, it’s that C word already but, if it’s your turn to host the family Christmas gathering, you really DO need to think of Christmas now.

The pressure to entertain your guests during the festive period can be enormous – especially if entertaining really isn’t your ‘thing’. You may even have got away with it for the last couple of years, using the standard excuses – I haven’t got a dining table, we’re still getting unpacked and settled, the baby has only just arrived etc., etc. – but you can’t avoid it anymore and now really IS your turn!

But you’ve taken a look around and your décor really needs an overhaul before you invite guests into your home. So what now?

#1: What do you need to think of?

If you’re looking to get it ready in time for Christmas, you need to start booking a contractor now! Before you do that, you need to create a style board portraying what you want. BUT…, before you rush to create your style board, you need to take a step back and think about how you want the room to FEEL. What mood do you want to create in your room? How do you want your guests to feel in that room and what ambience do you want to create? This is where a mood board comes into its own.

#2: Creating a mood board

create the right moodA mood board is an A3 board or a scrapbook of images that elicit the feelings you want your guests to feel. You use it as a springboard for your creativity – as it’s only AFTER you know WHAT you want the room to feel like, that you can decide on HOW it looks. It illustrates how you want them to behave and think in that space. For example, if you want to elicit feelings of calm and reflection or a sanctuary, your images may be that of a beach or the sea rolling in. It could also mean mountain landscapes or spacious outdoor scenes.

The important thing to remember is everyone will have their own interpretation on feelings – and different things will have those feelings and emotions attached to them. A bunch of Peonies in a clear glass vase could illustrate calmness to you, whereas sunflowers could be seen as more energetic and vibrant. Not everyone is the same – we are all unique in what makes us feel the way we do. You may find it easier to start by looking at what you don’t want – and the images and feelings associated with that – before moving onto finding the opposites.

#3: Think about what you want to happen

Once you’ve created your mood board, it should work at stimulating your inspiration with ideas for the room. Whether you can visualise the completed room or if you’d rather create a vision board, use your inspiration to create your style board.

But remember, whilst you’re working on the style board – book the decorator – otherwise you may not get your room decorated in time for Christmas!

If you’re after ideas for your style board, why not take a look at our Pinterest boards? You’ll find a wide variety of styles and inspirational images for your next design project.

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