Conservatories can give you an extra room, full of natural light and space, without having the expense of a full brick extension. With the addition of modern insulation and double glazed windows, a conservatory provides you with totally versatile room, every month of the year.

The versatility of a conservatory

conservatoriesWhether you want an additional sitting room, dining area or children’s play room – a conservatory can solve your needs. What’s great about having that extra space is, with the correct furniture and styling, you also have the ability to create a combination of ALL of your needs in the one room.

There are several main room extensions most conservatory owners want it to provide:

  • Sitting area
  • Rest and relaxation room (or hobby room)
  • Dining area
  • Children’s play area
  • Office or study
  • Breakfast room
  • Kitchen extension
  • Gym
  • Games room

Conservatories can be the most neglected rooms in the home

As an addition to a home, the conservatory can also be one of the most neglected rooms in the house! It’s easy to only use it during the summer months, leaving it closed off for the colder winter months – and this is such a waste!

Double glazed windows and modern insulation will obviously help to ensure your conservatory isn’t an ice box over the winter period, but also look to add blinds. Blinds will ensure your conservatory stays cooler during the summer months, but will also help keep the heat in during the cold months too. You can also add heated flooring or a radiator to help add additional heat. And this leads on to how you integrate the conservatory with the rest of the house.

Integration with the rest of the house

conservatoryYou want your conservatory to integrate nicely with the rest of your home and, if done right, it will also provide an organic extension to your garden area too. Adding potted plants to your overall conservatory scheme will help, as will using the colour scheme of the adjoining room and extending that into the conservatory area.

If you want to decorate it differently to the adjoining room, look to use just one colour from that adjoining room as an accent colour in the conservatory.

Interior styling

If you want to use your conservatory for several different functions, get clever with your furniture. Look to add seating and/or side tables that double as storage areas, complete with throws and cushions that can also be used with the outside furniture in the garden.

The main thing to consider, when it comes to conservatory furniture, is don’t go too big! One of the biggest advantages of a conservatory is the additional space it provides – and this will be lost, if you add oversized furniture that provides no room to move!

Lighting can be intimate or functional. Fairy lights and candles around your conservatory can create a warm, cosy feel, whereas as spotlights can be moved around to focus on specific areas. You can also add floor standing lamps and adjustable pendant lights for a more general lighting.

Don’t forget the practicalities

Both summer and winter can present problems if you have children and pets. It’s all too easy for them to run in and out of the conservatory, leaving a trail of mud in their midst. To minimise the need for lots of additional cleaning, look to add runner mats that trap the dirt.

A conservatory can add value to your home – but only if it gets used! So ensure you plan its use, prior to styling AND use a colour scheme that includes it in the rest of the house.

Do you make the most of your conservatory? Maybe you have a conservatory dilemma you need help with? Why not post your conservatory styling tips AND your conservatory questions, in the comments box below!

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