What’s new in the world of Younique Designs?

It’s hard to believe we’re already a month into the New Year! February is already here and (can you believe it?) it brings us snow!

However February is also the time to start looking forward to the spring months – the time of growth, rebirth and change; and talking of birth and change…

Our NEW launch!

younique designs podcastNot all website visitors like reading lots of content – so, if you’re someone who prefers to listen, you’ll LOVE our new launch… the Younique Designs Podcast!

The podcast launched with the ‘Goodbye House, Hello Home’ series – and you can check them all out in the podcast section of the website. The first episode gives you an insight into what to expect in future episodes – including interviews with specialists in their fields and musings from myself, as I experience design in everyday living.

Check out the podcast section now – and remember to sign up, so you don’t miss any episodes!

A new focus!

To really ensure you always get the BEST advice on style and property, I’ve decided to make a change in the schedule plan for blog posts. As regular followers will know, Younique Designs regularly posts advice, offers and helpful articles on the following topics:

  • Property
  • Workspace design
  • Interior design and styling

The good news is, we will STILL be offering posts on these great topics however, instead of focusing on a topic a week – we will be focusing on a topic a month!

This will give us a PERFECT opportunity to ensure you get the BEST, MOST INDEPTH coverage of each topic!

What is the one burning question you have about interior design?

younique designs appWhether you’re looking to restyle your office, add colour to your interior or sell your home, I’d LOVE to help you achieve your interior design dreams… so please, ask away!

What questions and dilemmas do you have that I can help answer? What topics and themes would you like to see covered on future podcasts? What is the one burning question you have about interior design? I’d love to hear from you, so please email me your design questions – and help shape the future content that appears on this site!

Are you following us on social media? It’s a great way to connect, get advice, inspiration and help – just click on the social media icons on the site. Talking of help and advice – have you downloaded the Younique Designs App yet? It’s like having an interior designer in your pocket! You can get it from Google Play by clicking here and from iTunes here.

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