What does Christmas mean to you?

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Now that Firework Night is behind us its time for the lead in to Christmas to really begin.  Over the last couple of weeks the Christmas TV adverts have begun to be shown the Christmas street lights turned on and shop windows have been unveiled.  Now it starts to feel like Christmas – or does it?

For so many people Christmas is a lonely time of year – a theme that John Lewis have picked up on with their Christmas Ad.  For others its about the guests, the food and the presents – a theme that Sainsbury’s have linked to with the cat Mog having many accidents – this advert of course ends well with the ‘spirit of Christmas’ being upheld by the neighbours rallying together to support the affected family.  Both gentle reminders of our humanity and capacity to love one another.

What does Christmas mean to you?  Is it time spent with family and friends with the focus on food and presents? Is it time spent reflecting on how quickly life is passing you by?  Is it a time when you ask the question once more – WHY?

Christmas is many things to many people.  Let me know what Christmas means for you in the comments box below.

And of course, if you have design and styling challenges facing you this Christmas let me know what they are – and lets see if I can help.

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