What are your dreams for your home in 2016?

It’s the start of a brand new year. The decorations have now been taken down and the Christmas and New Year celebrations have died down. Now it the time to start making plans for your home, in the year ahead.

So, what dreams do you have for your home in 2016? What would you like to change, fix, introduce and get rid of?

dream homeVisualise your dream home

I’m not talking about just upping sticks and moving, as I know that isn’t a practical or workable solution to lots of people. So what specific things are in your dream home? What colour schemes are you seeing? What feelings do you have, as you look at your dream home? What colours, styles and fabrics are around you? Does it have artwork? What accessories are in it? Do you smell anything – and is it from fresh flowers or air fresheners etc.?

Break it down into specifics

Get crystal clear on what you see and feel. How does your dream home feel and what feelings does it bring to mind for you? For example, your home could feel warm and cosy, but the feelings it alight in you could be safety, security and loved. What items of furniture are there? What colour and style are they?

Make a plan

Whatever dreams and plan you have for your home, now is the time to start your action plan. Make a shopping list of things to buy and a to-do list for works to complete. You don’t have to get them all done in 2016, but it does help to know exactly what action steps need to be taken.

Start with one thing

What one thing can you buy or do, that will be an easy first step? If you have fresh flowers in your dream home, why not start by regularly having them now? Is there a particular cushion or lamp you can buy now? This may involve something small, but it will act as a trigger point, reminding you of your dream home, each time you look at it or use it.

When it comes to having our dream home, we often think it’s too far out of our reach, so we never make a move towards it. However, if you start planning and implementing the small changes now, it will help inspire you to make those bigger changes too.

Younique Designs is here to help you turn your house into your home. We’re having a revamp, so we can include new, fresh content and even more advice on choosing colours, creating mood and generally helping you to have the home of your dream. So stay tuned and get planning!

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