Treating Your Guests To Christmas Luxury

When it comes to the Christmas holiday season, there is always one thing (apart from presents!) that you can guarantee on making an appearance… house guests! As Christmas is a time for families, goodwill and just a little dash of luxury, why not go all out on providing those house guests by adding some simple luxurious additions to your guest room.

christmas luxuryToiletries

Opt for toiletries that not only complement the colour scheme of your room, but select those that look and feel luxurious too. Look for ornate glass bottles, scroll fonts and beautiful aromas. Ensure they have more than just the basic toiletries too. It’s polite to have guest soaps, flannels and towels – but look to also add luxurious extras, such as travel sized shampoo, conditioner, body lotions and hand cream etc.

Add a few thoughtful extras too – those things that guests may have forgotten to pack or would be embarrassed to ask for – such as toothpaste, deodorant and women’s sanitary pads and tampons.

christmas luxuryAromatherapy

An additional way to add some Christmas luxury is through scent, and with a wide variety of options, you can select those that appeal to you most. Choose between candles, room sprays and plug-ins. You can also add subtle scent through the use of fresh flowers and fabric conditioner and spray, so opt for Christmas-themed bouquets and sprays in complementary scents.

Soft and Gentle

The bedding you use can also signify luxury, so opt for Egyptian cotton sheets, feather duvets, and plump pillows – always ensure the bedding is clean and fresh too. You can add even more luxury by adding lots of cushions, spare pillows and fluffy, warming throws.

christmas luxuryAdditional extras

As Christmas is the time for goodwill and cheer, why not add a few extras to make your guests feel really special. Chocolates under pillow, mints and bottled water on the side and even a small wrapped gift – complete with beautiful wrapping and a handwritten tag – all add that extra sparkle.

Finally, look to add some Christmas magic to your guest room with a few tasteful decorations – but make sure you don’t go overboard – you want the room to be cosy and warming, as opposed to the nightmare before Christmas! Consider adding a soft discreet set of Christmas lights (not flashing!) or a small Christmas tree in the corner and providing a mince pie and warm drink at bedtime… as it is the little luxuries that truly make Christmas magical!

What luxurious extras can you provide for your guests? Are you planning on adding any extras to make your guest room really special for your visitors – or do you think it’s all a bit overrated? Why not share your thoughts and opinions on Christmas luxury in the comments box below?

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