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Fluffy Towels available from

Fluffy Towels available from

Last week saw the results of student endeavours with the release of this years A level results here in the UK.  For those who have secured their place at University the excitement begins.  One of my clients in London is so excited for her Son, but is scared at the same time of letting him go too far – he is of to Aberdeen so almost as far as he could go!  An excellent course awaits him and no doubt many many adventures.  For many parents and students alike this is the first time that life gets turned on its head and that once teenager, turns into an adult having to fend for itself.  Findng that place to live is a challenge in itself, but it is refreshing for many parents to know that student accommodation is generally provided for 1st year students.

Just what is that student accommodation like?  This morning I stumbled across this blog post from the online shopping site Achica.  I’m sure many of us dreamt of having student accommodation like this.

If you have a young adult about to flee the nest here are a few tips of what to pack in his or her case.

  • Fluffy towels – there is nothing better than the luxurious feel of home than a large fluffy towel when you get out of the shower.  For best results remind them to wash the towel with no conditioner and to tumble it dry.
  • Wooden spoons – infinitely useful – not just for cooking!
  • Cork screw and bottle opener – lets face it – Freshers week is going to involve a bit of partying so may as well be prepared – better than a dentist bill for broken teeth.
  • Mum’s best recipes for cooking meals for one or for many – think Chilli, Spag Bol and Lasagna
  • A favourite piece of artwork in a stylish frame will set of any bare wall and start to make a student room feel like home.

If you have any suggestions of what should be in the packing case of a student off to uni this year, then please add them to the comments below.

My best wishes to all of you of to Uni and to all you parents, as this is also another step in life’s journey for you too.

Here is the link to the Achica article.


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