New Year Design Resolutions

When it comes to the New Year, we all get busy making New Year Resolutions and planning our next home design project. For some, that may mean redecorating a tired-looking room or breathing new life into an unused spare room. For others, that may include larger projects such as a house extension, loft or garage conversion.

But, with so many New Year Resolutions falling by the wayside each year, how can you make sure YOUR New Year design resolutions get completed this year?

design resolutionsGet it down on paper

When it comes to really cementing in those plans and ideas, you can’t beat writing them down on paper. Get down all the design projects and decorating tasks you’d like to carry out this year and make sure you allocate each one a realistic timeframe.

Work out your budget!

Once you have written down your goals, the first step really NEEDS to be working out a realistic budget! Whether you’re painting the spare room or extending the kitchen, you really need to allocate an adequate budget for them – and this includes allowing for those unexpected hiccups, hidden extras and furnishings and accessories that will complete the overall look you’re hoping to achieve.

design resolutionsBreak it down into action steps

Once you have your budget, it’s time to break down the projects into action steps. One of your first action steps may be working out if your timeframe is realistic, before pencilling a start date for projects that are going to be carried out later in the year. For larger, more complex projects action steps will include looking into and hiring architects, planners and surveyors and possibly project managers and interior designers. For smaller projects, you may want to move straight into research tasks such as pricing up wallpaper and paint etc.

Allocate each task

Once you have your list of action steps you can ensure they are in the right order and then allocate them to the relevant experts/persons involved. When handing a task over to a specific person it’s important that they know EXACTLY what is expected of them, the timeframe it needs to be completed in and the scope of what’s involved.

design resolutionsConsider hiring someone to oversee your project

As mentioned above, for smaller projects you may be the only person involved, however when it comes to those larger projects, the more complex ones, or if you simply just don’t have the time yourself, you may find it easier to pass the project over to an interior designer or project manager.

When it comes to New Year design resolutions, we can get carried away with the impulse to make changes NOW!  However, with the right planning and research upfront, as well as hiring the right craftsmen and expert help, you can ensure YOUR New Year design resolutions actually get completed this year!

Are you planning an extension or conversion this year? Maybe you want 2015 to be the year your home gets professionally styled and made-over or your home office gets a productivity overhaul? Whatever your plans for 2015, why not give me a call and see how I can help – and let’s create a home you LOVE coming home to!


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