Finding a good contractor

Finding a contractor is relatively easy – however the trick is to find a GOOD contractor. Last week we looked at creating a brief to ensure your contractor know exactly what you want (if you want to refresh your memory on that, you’ll find the post here) so the next step is to find a contractor to do the work needed on your project.

Word of mouth referrals

word of mouth referrals are ideal for a contractorWhen it comes to top recommendations, word of mouth referrals win hands down. Why? Because the referral carries more weight, as we know, like and trust the person making the recommendation.

So start by asking everyone you know if they can recommend a contractor. Ask your friends, parents at the school gate, your work colleagues and neighbours.

Be proactive in your search

A good contractor is usually a busy one, so if you see work being carried out at nearby properties, be brave knock on the door and ask to speak to the contractor! Speak to the owner of the property and get their opinion on the contractor and their work – they may even invite you in to show you the work being carried out.

Create a shortlist of potential contractors

You’ll want to narrow down your selection to the best three. You can then arrange to speak with them individually on the phone to arrange a home visit. You’ll want to find out their availability and give them a copy of your brief (if you still need to write a brief, refer back to last week’s blog post).

The home visit

Invite them to your home to have a walkthrough and discuss the project – have a copy of your brief to refer to.

ask questions of your contractorAsk him questions:

  • How much work is involved?
  • How much preparation will the walls need?
  • Will he remove dado rails etc.?
  • Will he be providing the paint you request or do you have to source it yourself? (I’d recommend Little Greene for both your paint and wallpaper needs).
  • How will he protect the floors?
  • Can you see a copy of his insurance details? If he doesn’t have them, can he forward them with the emailed quote?
  • Does he have references you can phone? (And make sure it’s not his mother providing his only reference!)

By inviting the contractor into your home, you’re also getting to see how they behave in your home. For example, do they take their shoes off at the front door or wear shoe protectors?

Make your selection

Once you’ve received the quotes, be polite and respectful of their time by responding to all contractors who placed a quote. Thank them for their time and the emails. You can then make your selection and email that contractor to confirm a start date.

Finding a good contractor can take time – both in terms of searching and potentially waiting for them to become available – but it’s time that is well spent, especially when the end results match your requirements and wishes!

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