Adding Style to Your Christmas Tree

When it comes to Christmas we are often left with one basic dilemma – should the tree be real or fake? Once the decision has been made, we drag our existing decorations out from where they’ve been stored all year, decorate the tree and consider the job as done… but Christmas can be so much more stylish than this!

christmas treeReal or fake?

So should the tree be real or fake? It really depends on the style you are looking to create. Most styles can be adapted to your tree choice, but if you want to be organically aware and/or environmentally conscious, then a real tree is your only choice. Buy a “pot-grown” tree and you’ll have the added advantage of having a healthy tree for future years too. Watch out though; a “container grown” tree may be cheaper – but they often drop needles and die shortly after Christmas – due to root damage sustained when initially dug out of the ground.

A fake tree may cost less and drop a LOT less needles but, when it comes to recycling… quite simply put, you can’t! However, if you want THE ultimate convenience, you could buy a ready decorated tree or, if you have little or no garden space, a fake tree could be your only real answer.

christmas decorationsUpdate those decorations!

The quickest way to add style and glamour to your tree is to update those decorations! You don’t have to get rid of them all, but update key pieces each year and keep classic styles. For example, when it comes to lights, keep to a basic white or clear selection, as these complement most of the classic traditional tree decoration styles.

Adding key pieces doesn’t have to be expensive either. For example, if you’re looking to create a vibrant vintage look, buy some luxurious metallic drop baubles in rich jewel colours of red, green or blue. Opting for a more minimalistic tree? Opt for a few key pieces in red or white – just make sure to space them evenly throughout the branches.

christmas decorationsAdd your style to the tree

Finally, you can add your own unique style to your tree decorations by opting for homemade sprayed pine cones and dried berries. You can also add key pieces that match the decor and colour of your room – to truly match your individual style and tastes.

How will you be adding your individual style to your tree decor this year? Will you be looking to keep traditional – or opting for a new style and theme? What are your reasons for your decision? Why not share your thoughts on tree style and decor in the comments box below?


Images © Gleam, Ruggiero Scardigno & Springfield Gallery/Dollar Photo Club

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