The 3 P’s of Selling

There’s no shortage of TV programs to show you how fickle the property market can be. You can get help on decorating your home, renovating your home and buying at auction however, the one area that causes the biggest level of stress is selling your home. The process can be a lot less stressful for you however, if you follow the 3 P’s of selling.


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You want every room in your home to exceed your ideal buyer’s expectations. Can they see themselves living there? Programs such as Phil Spencer’s ‘Secret Agent’ and ‘Location, Location, Location’ give you some great advice on how to get your home ready for selling – and one of their most common problems is, without a doubt, clutter!

Ensure you go through every room in your house and have a good clear up and out! When you’ve finished inside the house, move to the outside and do the same for the garage, shed, garden and any other place that is a perfect dumping ground for your surplus items.


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What is the estate agent going to do to promote your property? What strategy do you have? Are you looking to sell online or via a high street estate agent? These are all questions you need to know the answers to when deciding on your overall ideal selling strategy.

There’s also basic ‘rules’ about photography too – have to few; the buyer will question what you’re hiding, too many; you’ll distract them. Moving onto the actual advertisement, you want it to appeal to your ideal buyers, so ensure your advertisement highlights the features they’ll be interested in and uses language that appeals to them.


selling for the right price

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A common mistake home sellers make is overpricing their home. It’s really worth assessing the local market and also getting at least three valuations to find a comfortable even ground. Once you have a selling price that you are happy with, do everything that you can to help reach that figure. Go back through the above P’s to ensure your home is given the best possible chance of achieving the price you want.

Another great way to help the finances is to look at options to lower the overall cost of selling your home. One of the most notable is the ‘Property Ladder’ and ‘Double Your House for Half the Money’ presenter Sarah Beeny’s online estate agent company ‘Tepilo’. They have low selling fees and simplify the entire selling process – making it a great resource for DIY home sellers.

When it comes to getting your home ready to sell, it can all be a little on the daunting side to do it all yourself. There are however, other people who can help – and it doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think it may be. So why not give me a shout and see how I can help make the three P’s easier and less stressful for you? In the meantime, why not get some inspiration from my Pinterest board?

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