Promotion: Get your house noticed for a speedy sale

When it comes to selling your house, promotion is key. Achieving the accolade of a Sold sign at the bottom of your driveway is all about making smart, strategic decisions about your marketing strategy – both online and offline. Every day your house sits unsold, it’s costing you money and losing momentum towards that quick sale. So how can you ensure your promotion is on the money?


promotion - check your imagesLast week we looked at the start of your marketing strategy – Presentation – and how to get your house ready for selling. (If you haven’t read last week’s post, you can click here to do so). We discussed how important it was to get the presentation of you house right, so your promotional images give a true reflection of the property the viewers will be seeing… and that is the start of your promotion strategy.

You Images NEED to accurately portray your property!

If at all possible, you should commission your own set of photos, so you have them for keeps AND you can give them to another agent if you decide to change agents.

When it comes to property selling, images are such an important subject, so we’ll be covering them in greater detail later this month.

Text is important too

When it comes to writing up your descriptions, make sure they’re inspiring! Be positive and emotive with your choice of words. Hook into the imagination of your potential viewers. Make them WANT to view your home and love it as much as you do.

Choosing when and how to sell your house

Promotion - pick the right time of yearIt’s logical when you think about it, different times of year are great for selling certain types of property. Just as winter isn’t a great time to sell a convertible car, it’s also a bad time to sell a seaside home.

Equally, if your property would suit an older person, then trying to sell during the winter months is a bad idea. Why? During the winter months, days are short and the weather is bad – older people prefer to stay tucked up in the warm during this time of year – so you’re unlikely to get viewers making purchasing decisions.

Family homes are in demand in the lead up to longer holidays. Easter and summer holidays are a great time to move home, as the weather should be warmer and children are easier to occupy.

Once you understand when your target market is wanting to move in, you can then plan your marketing strategy and launch date around these periods of time.

Choosing an estate agent

There will be a number of estate agents competing for your business, regardless of your geographical area. At the end of the day, they are sales organisations and, the more properties they have to sell like yours… the more likely they WILL sell yours.

Choose wisely and carry out a mystery shop – where you assess the way they handle a simple enquiry from you – prior to moving them onto your shortlist. You can then narrow your shortlist down to 3 and interview them in your own home, once it is ready to sell, of course!

Ascertain the best strategy for your house

promotion - sell your propertyWhilst interviewing them find out and confirm the following promotional activities:

  • Will they be promoting online AND offline?
  • What sites will they be using?
  • What about the agent’s window and local papers etc.?
  • Do they have a list of people already looking for properties like yours?
  • Will they be sending out details to them or waiting to be asked?
  • How proactive will they be – and what will they be doing?
  • Do they have a time period in place to scale down their promotional activities, if your property doesn’t sell in a set amount of time?

Clarify what selling and promotional strategies they will be using and what you can do to help. This will increase the likelihood of a speedy sale and turnaround for your property.

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