Presentation: kick-starting your house sale

When it comes to selling your property, first impressions really do last. If you want to get your house sale off to a good start, you really need to get working on your strategy PRIOR to calling in the estate agent.

presentation is crucial for sellingHow your property looks and feels to your ideal buyer is crucial, and you can kick-start the entire house sale in the right way by working on the presentation of your house.

Isn’t ‘presentation’ just another word for tidying up your home?

In short, no! Although decluttering and tidying your home is a good start, presentation means so much more than just tidying – and it MUST start prior to your estate agent coming out to give you an appraisal and creating your listing.

Why? Well, in order to present your house correctly, your listing photographs NEED to paint the perfect picture for your viewers. They need to appeal to your ideal buyer, potentially answer any initial questions and problems they may have over space, layout and size AND they need to accurately portray your house.

After all, you want them to actually WANT to view your property, not see your photos and physical viewing of your property as a ‘before and after’ type scenario!

How to present your house

presentationAn estate agent will talk about de-cluttering, de-personalising and neutralising your house, but presentation is so much more than that. First of all, you need to ensure YOU’RE seeing your home as a commodity – it’s a house that you want to sell. It may be full of memories for you, but they won’t help to sell it.

You can then work out who your ideal buyer is. For example, if you’re in a 3-bedroom house, your ideal buyer may be a couple with young children. You want to ensure they can see your house as having the right space for them, so need to illustrate the fact it does have 3 bedrooms AND that they are big enough to use as bedrooms. You won’t achieve this if you have a small single sofa bed in one room or an office space in the other, as your potential buyers may not be able to actually visualise how each room would look as a bedroom.

Rooms need to have their identity back!

Go through your home and ensure each room is returned to its original function – so bedrooms need to be staged as bedrooms, lounges need to be presented with dining tables and chair in them etc. and garages need to be cleared out to show available space and the possibility of fitting a car inside.

Give each room its identity back. Think of show houses. Each room is laid out with furniture and fittings to illustrate its function and highlight the best use of the space, to assist viewers in visualising how to best use the room AND to imagine actually living there.

Don’t forget the outside of your property

selling your propertyOften potential viewers will do a drive past, prior to arranging to see your property. This is why it’s so important to ensure you’ve staged OUTSIDE your property too. Again, you need to think of your ideal buyer when staging outside. Are they after a large spacious garden, so their children and family dog can have room to run around? Maybe they’re more suited for an easy to maintain garden, due to time restraints of physical mobility issues?

Presentation, both inside and outside your house doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. With a little rearranging of your possessions and a shift in focus to that of your ideal buyer, you’ll find home presentation quite easy – and totally worth the time spent – especially when that sold sign goes up!

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