How to sell your home for the right price and to the right buyer

Selling your home can be a really stressful time for everyone involved. You want the best price for it, an estate agent that is going to really work at selling this building that has been a valuable part of your past and finally, you want someone to buy it who is really nice! Your next step is to decide on a sale price and to pick up the phone and find out what fees the different estate agents are charging in your area…

Stop! There are a couple of steps you need to take BEFORE you get the estate agents involved… steps that are CRUCIAL if you want you sell your home for the right price AND to the right buyer!

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Step 1: Change your mindset

Step 1: Change your mindset

When you’re selling your house it’s important to remember you are selling just that… a house. It MAY be a home to you, with memories and your child’s growth record drawn on the kitchen door frame, but to everyone who comes to view it once it’s on the market, it is JUST a house.

In order to successfully sell your home for the right price, you need to take the emotion out of the equation. The easiest way to do this is to allow a mindset shift to happen – to remind yourself that your house is just an asset, a tangible product that is saleable.


Step 2: Analyse your competition

Step 2: Analyse the competition

Once you have changed your mindset around your house, it’s time to analyse the competition. Look into other houses for sale in your area. Find out what type of house they are – in terms of style, size and age, along with the features they may have and the overall condition they are in for the price being asked.

Also, remember that prices can change depending on area AND locality. For example, do you live in an up-and-coming area where new people want to move into? Does your house fall within a desirable commuting corridor for the main cities? Do you fall within the catchment area of the popular and best performing schools?

Step 3: Who is your buyer?


Step 3: Who is your buyer?

Now you have established the facts around your competition and locality, you can move onto establishing a profile for your ideal buyer.

The simplest way to do this is to look around you. Who has moved into the houses similar to yours? Are they mainly couples or families? Are their children young or old? What do they do for a living? What do they drive – and how many cars do they have? Draw up an in depth profile of your ideal buyer.

Step 4: Why will they pay what you want to sell for?

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Step 4: Why will they pay what you ask for?

By establishing WHO your ideal buyer is and WHY they are house hunting, you can then ensure they pay your asking price by tailoring both your home and your sales pitch to them.

For example, if your buyer has a young family empty out that spare/office/junk room and show it with bedroom furniture and space for a single bed. Clear the garden space so they can see it has room for their children’s garden toys and room to run around in. Redecorate the rooms in neutral colours to help your potential buyer see the space and potential available to them. Clear out the garage and driveway to show that it really can fit in a family car.

Complete these initial steps, prior to involving an estate agent, and you’ll find it easier to attract your perfect buyer AND the price you really want for your property.

What other steps would you take prior to involving an estate agent? What other things would you look for when compiling a buyer profile? Why not post your observations in the comments section below!

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