Essential Autumn DIY

As we move into September we slowly make the move from long, hot summer days and into darker, colder autumn nights. It’s essential that you take time now to complete those non-avoidable DIY tasks… those that will help protect your house during the cold winter months ahead. So what are the projects that should be at the top your autumn DIY list?


Autumn Heating

Ensure your heating is serviced ready for Autumn

Don’t wait until you heating is constantly on to get it serviced! Take time now to call in a qualified engineer to service your gas or electric boiler. It’s also worth bleeding your radiators to remove any air bubbles too – you can easily check them by feeling if they are hotter at the bottom; a sure sign they need bleeding.

If you have an open fire, get the chimney swept now, to ensure any resident old bird nests are not blocking the flow.

To cut down on your heating bills, fit draught excluder to all windows and doors… and don’t forget the letter box!


Check water pipes and stopcocks before winter arrives

Check water pipes and stopcocks before winter arrives

Check all your stopcocks to ensure they work – and that they are all easily accessible. Whilst you are checking the stopcocks, check that the pipe work in your loft and outbuildings are adequately insulated too – as there’s nothing worse than having a burst water pipe on a freezing winter’s morning! It’s also worth turning off your outside tap and draining the water from it – or buying a garden tap jacket to protect it during the winter months.

External Lighting

With the long, light summer evenings we often don’t need garden security lights and decorative lights – but with winter round the corner the need for additional lighting will increase. Check all lighting fuses, wires, bulbs and condition generally – and replace, if needed.

Pest Control

Encourage birds - natural pest control over winter!

Encourage birds – natural pest control over winter!

Encourage natural pest control into your garden by keeping your bird feeders topped up. Check fencing and hedging for gaps that could let in wildlife – especially if you’re in an area that is frequented by rabbits, cows and deer!

Gutters and Downpipes

Autumn leaves look spectacular in their vast array of colours – however they can be a real pain to your gutters and downpipes! If left unchecked, your gutters and downpipes can become blocked, causing drainage problems and potential damp spots around your property. Take time to clear any debris from your gutters and run water through them to check they are free-flowing.

If you’d like some additional inspiration for autumn tasks – check out these books on my Amazon store. Featuring some great home styling and style publications, why not add some interior and home DIY to your autumn task list? You could really cement in your commitment to these tasks by sharing them with us in the comments box!

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