When guests come to stay

Now is the time of year we start thinking about Christmas! Where are we going? Who is coming to us? Who would like to stay over?

It can sometimes be daunting to have family and friends to stay over the Christmas holiday, more so than at other times of the year. The pressure is on to win the hostess of the year award. Here are some tips to ensure that you win the award this year and by a little bit of forethought you can make sure you enjoy the time as much as your guests do.

  • The week before your guests are set to arrive send them a card that gives them directions to your home (even if they have visited a million times before) – its their holiday make them feel wanted. Include a menu for the meals you will be sharing together and include some fun ideas on how to tackle the morning after hangover. Make the card frivolous but welcoming, and something that will bring a smile to your guest’s faces. They will now be looking forward to staying with you that little bit more.
  • Welcoming your guests on their arrival – be prepared for them, have a place to hang coats and a place for their shoes. Offer to take their bags to their room and ensure a cup of tea or coffee is readily available.
  • Treat yourself to a new door-mat, maybe a Christmas themed one, and don’t forget the mistletoe. As your guests arrive ensure there is a certain ‘wow’ factor, something for them to remember.
  • Whilst your guests expect little more than the comfort of friendship, a bed and a meal; simple and inexpensive gestures mean so much. Small bud vases each side of the bed with a Christmas rose in each, scented diffusers with the spicy smells of Christmas and a bowl of sweets will certainly make your guests feel extra special.
  • When making up your guest bed, ensure that all the linen matches and provide an extra blanket or throw just in case they feel the cold. Recreate a boutique hotel room in your home.
  • Don’t forget to make some space in the wardrobe and chest of drawers. Provide padded hangers and line the drawers with wallpaper samples or scented drawer liners.
  • If your guest room has an en-suite then provide some decadent toiletries for their bath or shower. Invest in ‘guest only’ towels, fluffy and just like new. No en-suite? – Then put the toiletries in a basket in the bedroom and the towels on a side chair ready for them to use.
  • Don’t forget a box of tissues and a jug of water and glasses and just in case the toilet is down the hall, plug in night-lights will show them the way in the dark.

I hope you all enjoy making your guests feel welcome and comforted this holiday time.

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