What’s new in the world of Younique Designs?

What a year 2016 is going to be! I know, you’re probably thinking how an earth can I state that when we’re only just starting it, but I’m in a very privileged position. You see, I happen to know that 2016 is going to an amazing year for those looking to get help with their homes – as Younique Designs is having a new look and a new focus for 2016!

Younique Designs for 2016

A new look Younique

Younique Designs is getting more focused, personalised and intuitive. This means a complete change, including:

  • Branding changes
  • Colour and logo
  • Services and offerings

Obviously, this means lots of hard work for the behind the scenes team, but it also means we can help you more – so it really is a double win for everyone. We can focus on what we love and give you so much more in return. We’ll be able to drill down deeper and give you loads more information, advice, help and tips. Areas we’ll be covering include:

  • Interior design and project management
  • Home staging, property selling and property search
  • Creating a beautiful home, tidying and styling

So what’s on the horizon for 2016?

For starters, there’ll be a new looking website. We’re hoping to have this up and running during January. We’ll also be launching some new courses and programs, designed specifically to help you get the most out of your home. Finally, we’ll be revamping and updating the app, to make it even better for you.

What this means for you

If you’re after help, tips and advice, when it comes to turning your house into your home, Younique Designs is here to help. We’ll be looking at:

  • Decluttering advice and tips
  • Building a home around you, your style and your identity
  • Creating an environment that positively affects your mood, creativity and energy levels
  • Giving you even more detail on colour and how it affects us all
  • Creating a haven for you and your family

So stay tuned and here’s to 2016 being the year of truly beautiful, stylish and personal homes for everyone!

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