Completing your design scheme with Accessories

One of the most common problems a lot of my clients have is knowing how to use accessories to enhance the décor in their rooms. From choosing the right lighting to the artwork for the walls, the choices that you make will have a big impact on the look and feel of your home.

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creating the right ambience

There are two key things that give a space a feeling; light and fragrance. There are four main types of light, natural, ambient, accent and task and all four are likely to be required in most rooms. Bedside lamps provide both accent and task lighting, wall lights provide both ambient and accent lighting, but a room will need a combination of all types of light in order to create the right ambience. Fragrance, like light should be added to a room, scented candles made with essential oils create a natural occurring fragrance rather than an artificial one. Eradicate nasty odours rather then disguise them.


Walls create and enclose a space and therefore enclose behaviours giving each room a specific function. Once walls have their coat of paint or paper they still need adornment. This may be adding wall lights or more likely adding artwork. If you do not have a feature fireplace or window to create a focal point in a room then a piece of art would work well. Artwork could be hung above a sofa, in alcoves, above a fireplace, above bedside tables, almost anywhere as long as it can be seen and adds aesthetic value. Hanging artwork symmetrically adds a formal touch of elegance to a room, and hanging it asymmetrically and in groups will give a room a light hearted and casual feel. The choice is yours but artwork should reflect who you are.


Over the years we accumulate lots of things. Ornaments from overseas travels, gifts from friends and family, homemade treasures created by the children, the list is endless.

Here is a useful step by step guide to using the accessories that you already have:

  1. Empty each room of all its accessories – free standing lights, ornaments, photo frames, mirrors, rugs, cushions, throws and artwork.
  2. Collect everything together in one space and sort into 3 piles – items to keep, recycle to charity or sell, dispose of.
  3. Re-sort those items you have chosen to keep by theme and/or colour. If you have a collection of elephants or ethnic themed items keep them together, likewise glassware, photo frames etc. This process can take some time and will largely depend on the size of your house and the number of accessories that you have.
  4. Now look at each room in your house and ask yourself what it needs to fulfil its purpose. Think about colours and textures and sources of light both existing and required.
  5. Now for the really challenging part – decide what to put where. You don’t have to reuse everything all of the time. Change your accessories with the seasons and you will be amazed at the difference the changes make.

flowers and foliage

Plants, both leafy and flowering have a beneficial purpose in a room. Some act as air filters, purifying the air as well as providing softness to a corner of a room. Fresh cut flowers may seem decadent at this time, but there is nothing better than the welcome sight and scent of flowers.

Enjoy Accessorising your Home

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