Refresh Presentation

When summer hits the housing market, sales always slow down. That’s why I recommend you take your property off the market during the kids summer holiday period. As mentioned last week, it can be difficult to stay motivated during this period – and that’s why I recommend you take the […] Read more »

Summer selling and your property

As with anything, there are ‘in’ and ‘out’ seasons for selling items. Different seasons reflect different buying habits. For example, you wouldn’t sell much ice cream in winter and you certainly won’t get many takers on a boots or umbrellas in summer. It’s the same with your house; unfortunately, summer […] Read more »

Meeting Clients at Home

Working from home can present problems. The first, most common problem is actually finding a dedicated space (check out last week’s blog post on this subject). The second – what to do when you have to meet clients at home. When you meet your clients in your workspace, you need […] Read more »

At Home Workspaces

Finding a workspace area at home can be a struggle, especially if you aren’t able to have an entire room dedicated to your working needs. However, whether you use the kitchen table or have the quest room or garage to yourself, it is possible to make the most out of […] Read more »


Conservatories can give you an extra room, full of natural light and space, without having the expense of a full brick extension. With the addition of modern insulation and double glazed windows, a conservatory provides you with totally versatile room, every month of the year. The versatility of a conservatory […] Read more »