Moving Out

Following his graduation a couple of years ago our son moved back into the family home. Now he is moving out. He is insistent that he does not want family ‘hand me downs’ and will not venture into charity shops. His budget is obviously limited what do you suggest he should do to create a home rather than the equivalent of his student digs?

It is always hard to let go when children flee the nest and go it alone and tempting to try and do it all for them so they have a home from home. I remember using a single bed as a sofa laden with lots of cushions and throws and ‘making do’ with donations from family and friends until I could afford something more. However that was also in the days before IKEA, Dunelm Mill and T K Maxx and numerous other lower price homeware stores. The trick now of course is to create a style that is individual, co-ordinated and reflective of your sons personality mixing and matching from the variety of products available rather than having a home that looks like a room set from IKEA.

I would always suggest that investment is made in a new bed and quality storage. With IKEAs 25 year guarantees you can’t go far wrong on these key items that will then last for years to come. Trends in Interiors change less frequently than fashion so a style can be built upon across a number of months if budgets dictate.

When it comes to what to put on the walls and floors, I would advise initially using paints which are very cost effective but use ones with low or no VOC’s and with high levels of coverage. Add feature colours to one or two walls and build on that with any accessories. For floors, laminates are easy to maintain if laid correctly, but if carpets are preferred in the bedrooms pay for good quality underlay which could outlast the carpet and can be reused when a new carpet is required.

Artwork is essential to bring life to any room. Prints are cost effective but also try creating your own art using co-ordinating fabrics to the colour scheme chosen for each room.

There is always a lot to think about, but if it is all too daunting for your son a gift voucher for a consultation with an Interior Designer or Home Stylist may help him in making the right decisions as he creates his new home.

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