Does colour affect us?

In buying our new home we inherited a rainbow of colours in each room on every wall. We love the space that the house provides for the family but I’m sure that the vibrancy of the colours are adversely affecting us, especially the children. Could this be right and how do you suggest we go about choosing colours as we decorate?

It is widely documented and there is evidence to show that colour can have a positive and negative affect on mood and behaviour. In your current circumstance and without seeing your home I suggest that you paint all rooms in one natural colour as quickly as possible with skirtings and architraves in white satinwood and walls in matt emulsion in an off white such as Slaked Lime or China both from The Little Green Paint Company. This will create a very neutral palette to start your decorating from. Within no time at all you will find that moods and temperaments of the family are calmed, at which point you can start to think of the colours you would like to add to each room as you decorate it.

Choosing a feature colour for one or two walls in each room will make an immediate difference, but when choosing the colours think about how natural light affects the rooms, which walls are in shadow for which part of the day, which rooms always seem to be cold or too hot; do you have high or low ceilings and what sort of ambience do you wish to create in each room, and what furniture, curtains, flooring, lighting, artwork and accessories do you already have and want to keep or replace.

Choosing colours for your new scheme can be a minefield and if in doubt you should consider consulting an Interior Designer who can take into consideration your whole home and all the points mentioned above to help you in planning the way forward. A fully co-ordinated home will facilitate harmonised living and prevent the problems you are currently experiencing.


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