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A readers question on Bathroom design

Our home is the proud owner of a pale pink en-suite to the master bedroom and a grey family bathroom. We want to change them but we are struggling with the vast choice available and the fact that the brochures always shows large bathrooms and ours are small. Where should we begin?

Bathrooms are often the smallest rooms in the home and if you have ever tried to take a photo of your own bathroom you will start to understand why manufacturers display and photograph their products in larger rooms. There is a great choice of bathroom suites to suit all budgets on the market and most everything is white nowadays which brings a fresh and modern look to any home. Colour can be added with towels and accessories and can be changed with the seasons.

My top tips for designing and redecorating any bathroom:

  • Buy sanitary-ware and tiles to a value that is in keeping with the market position of your home. By that I mean if you have a high value home then don’t buy cost conscious products.
  • Wall hung sanitary-ware is extremely practical as it eliminates those hard to reach nooks and crannies when cleaning and has the advantage of creating the illusion of space as the floor is totally exposed.
  • Don’t overfill the room with equipment, if you don’t need a bidet then don’t have one, and if having a separate bath and shower make the room really cramped then opt for a top quality shower over the bath and a bath with a ‘shower end’.
  • Lighting and ventilation must be considered in your overall design. Good bright light is essential when the men in the house are shaving, but dimed light is much more desirable if relaxing in the bath, so think of installing dimmer switches, waterproof halogens and LEDs. If your bathroom or en-suite has no operable window then extraction fans should be installed.
  • Wall and floor tiles now come in all sorts of sizes and textures along with coloured or co-ordinating accent tiles. Working out a tiling plan can be confusing, but measure the walls before shopping and your tile supplier or bathroom designer should be able to help.
  • Storage in a bathroom is just as important as everything else. Think about what toiletries you use on a day to day basis and whether you want them on display or not. Get your storage solutions right and it will leave you with an uncluttered and relaxing bathroom.
  • Relaxation is paramount in our lives today and after the bedroom, the bathroom is the number one place to relax in. Personalising the room with pictures, photographs, candles etc will add to that feeling of pampering you otherwise only find at the spa.

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