Day 3 – Waiting for an Extraordinary Opportunity

So often we hang around in life waiting.  Waiting for a train, waiting for a bus, waiting for the lights to change at a road junction, waiting for an appointment.  Maybe we are consciously waiting for an Extraordinary Opportunity.  What would that extraordinary opportunity look like?  Would you recognise it when it stood before you?  Maybe that extraordinary opportunity is right before you as you wait for the train.  Who knows?

What would you do to find out if the waiting opportunity that is currently in front of you is actually the extraordinary opportunity you have been waiting for?

Don't wait for extraordinary opportunities, seize common occasions and make them great.Extraordinary Opportunity

For me, its at those times of waiting when the inspiration strikes.  My mind wonders a little to the left and to the right and then, staring back at me as I look forward, is that extraordinary opportunity.  That spark of joy arises within and I have the answer to the issue I have been pondering on, the spark of joy arises within and I know instinctively that the person I am standing beside in the queue for coffee needs to hear something from me that will brighten up their day.  As i share with them I realise that that extraordinary opportunity sparked so much joy for me as well as them that it lasted with me all day.  Responding to the nudges in the common occurrences of life could just be an Extraordinary Opportunity for you.

Oh, the benefits of waiting and being still.

Being still may not be a common occurrence for you, however I would like to challenge you to take one single minute of each hour you are awake to cultivate stillness.  That pure and simple minute to take advantage of an ordinary occasion – just to see if it is the extraordinary opportunity you are waiting for.

I was reminded upon seeing this quote of Robin Williams in the Film ‘Dead Poets Society’ – one of those films you remember if you are of a certain age.  The phrase ‘Carpe Diem” – Seize the Day, the motto of many throughout life.  Its something I have tried to do on numerous occasions, but often I fall short and wonder what on earth I achieved in a day.  I am sure that this is true for each one of us.  Its hard to even find that one single minute at times.  However, whenever I have consciously found the minute I have found something extraordinary.  Equally, there are times when the seemingly boring occasions in life need us to seize them and make them great.  The choice as always is yours.

Creating the image:

As part of this 30 day blog challenge I wanted not only to write about quotes that hold meaning for me, I also wanted to improve my skills in graphic design.  As an Interior Designer I am very used to working in 3 dimensions, but for a long time I struggled to work in 2.  I have always been able to appreciate great graphic design, but I have not always been able to craft it.  So the images that accompany these posts will also see me on a journey of learning how to create images with meaning.

The dog in this picture is doing what I loved to do as a child – except I did it on steam trains!  Now, that makes me seem even older than I am – as a child my parents would often take my brother and I to the local steam railway and I would love nothing more than standing with the window open and my head out looking at the view and getting soot in my face!   Another film image springs to mind – Marley, the dog in Marley and Me – he was so eager to look out of the window and feel the breeze in his face.  What a happy dog – taking a common occasion – a car ride, and making it great.

I still love a window to look out of. – A room is not a room if it does not have a window – but that is another story.

Right now – go and discover the extraordinary opportunities that exist in your life.



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  1. Christine says:

    I love that quote that you have chosen! We often forget to stand still as you say and are rushing from one thing to the next, missing all these amazing moments and opportunities! look forward to reading more of your posts!

  2. .A great suggestion to take a minute every hour to welcome stillness and to hang your head out and feel the breeze.

  3. Sandy Mangis says:

    Finding opportunities all around us has been a mission of mine for a couple of years now. What fun.

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