Day 2 – Arise

Arise with Humility, Arise with Courage, Arise with Love, and know that you are not alone, We need YOU to arise.

Arise – is my word for the year.  This year I was inspired to choose a word for the year.  Its not something I have been inspired to do in the past despite many personal development people encouraging me to do so.  These words written by my friend Kelly Baader really shone out to me when I read them.

Arise with Humility

Arise with Courage

Arise with Love

And Know

You are NOT alone

We need YOU to ARISE.

The Oxford Dictionary ascribes this meaning to Arise – as a verb – to originate or become apparent – to get up – to stand up.

The Oxford Thesaurus adds the following – appear, emerge, crop up, turn up, surface, spring up.

When I first read these words they rang in my ears almost as a battle cry, a command.  A command upon my life to Arise.  My thoughts said – “No not me, choose someone else, I’m not ready”.  Are we ever ready?  I doubt it – but when a command comes so clearly all you can do is follow.

As I was looking for the right image to create this graphic, I saw this – the empty cross, the cross upon which Jesus was crucified, the empty cross signifying that Jesus is arisen.  He was born, to die and to arise to fulfil God’s commandment.  I don’t expect for one moment that Jesus was ready.

Since taking on this word as my mantle I have been met with elements of self doubt, low self esteem and the temptation to not follow through, let alone share it with others.  Yet as I read these commands and ponder on them I recognise that to Arise is not full of pride and bravado, but of a humbleness and quietness.  To arise with Courage, a bravery not usual, a daring, a boldness, a positive action and step that is considered, not necessarily natural.  To Arise with Love, is to stand and to be seen with arms outstretched to those around me ready to serve.

To Arise is not going to be easy, but it is a command I must follow and in a way there is an excitement to see what will happen.

Please share below your word for the year if you have one and how it came about.

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