Day 1 – Believe in Tomorrow

To plant a garden is to Believe in Tomorrow - Audrey Hepburn

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.  Whether it be on an advertising hoarding or billboard, or on our Facebook and Twitter timelines, random quotes seem to be everywhere.  Sometimes they resonate with me and sometimes they do not.  Sometimes they are right for that precise moment in time, sometimes the quote lingers for days and may even last a lifetime.  A few months ago I decided to keep a notebook of quotes that particularly spoke to me.  Scribbling them down and adding a few notes.  Flicking through the notebook the other day I decided to share these quotes with you.  To let you into another side of me.  If you regularly read my blog you will know how passionate I am about design, how forthright I can be on a subject but, like many people, there is more to me.  So this blog series – a 30 day blog challenge will let you see the other side of me.


“To plant a garden is to Believe in Tomorrow”

Audrey Hepburn


When I first read this quote from Audrey Hepburn – one of my own style icons, it took me a small while to actually compute the real meaning of this.  As I live in an apartment I don’t have a garden as such, although I do have a balcony and a small area outside my front door where I have placed a few pots.  When I moved here I made a compromise.  I knew I would not have a great deal of time to tend to a garden whilst running my Design Consultancy, but I did want some outdoor space to cultivate a place of colour.  Right now the bulbs I planted when I first moved in are poking their heads out of the pots and I eagerly await the daffodils and tulips to appear as they do each year.  When I planted those bulbs I believed there would be a tomorrow – I believed there would be a day to come when those bulbs would react to the water and sunshine, and they would sprout leaves and buds and flowers.  That a day would come when the colour would break free to signal the end of Winter.

Those tender shoots and colourful flowers that signal Spring, remind us that there is a tomorrow too.

What will you do with your tomorrow?


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