Julie Recommends …..

I am often asked for recommendations.

Where can I learn about such and such? Which books can help me with this, that or the other? Where did you learn how to do that? What are you using to help you with that? etc etc.

Now you can have access to my recommended Interior Design books and other stuff I love – the stuff I am buying in order that I may continually learn from others about interior design, home design, workspace design, colour, business management, personal development, techy know-how and all sorts of life affirming stuff.

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Its packed with Architecture and Interior Design books that I have personally purchased or have accessed in the past in my journey to becoming a better designer. A few other Home and Garden recommendations may creep in now and again especially if I have found them to be a good buy either for myself or a client. The store will be updated on a regular basis – I am always learning more about my craft and extending my skills. For your ease I have separated the store into different ‘departments’. If you don’t find what you are looking for please send me a message and I will find it for you.

Other stuff not on Amazon

Believe it or not there are things to buy that are not on Amazon. Below you will find some other products and services that I have experienced. Either I have attended the event, or purchased the programme or met the person behind the product or programme – be assured these recommendations are from my own experience. Make the choice for yourself and by all means ask me more about my experience if you would like to.

Just to let you know I am an affiliate for some of these recommendations – that means if you decide to click through and buy using these links I will earn a small amount as a thank you for promoting the product. The price has not been increased in order to compensate me, you can go elsewhere and pay the same amount! There may be times when I add my own bonuses to a specific promotion – if you are on my email list or follow me on Twitter or Facebook you will hear about them as and when they happen.

A proportion of all my affiliate earnings is put towards supporting other female entrepreneurs via Kiva.org.

The Desire Map

The Desire map is one of the most amazing personal development tools I have used – ever! Danielle LaPorte has just relaunched the Desire Map programme and book and you can get a taste of it here. http://www.daniellelaporte.com?dlap=252

Joanna Martin – Shift Lifestyle – The Feminine Way to Wealth

Joanna is back in the UK in 2014 so keep an eye open for news of any of her events.

James Lavers

James is a complete and utter guru when it comes to all things video – if you fancy learning how from a Master in the profession then he is your man! (Link Coming Soon)

Wealth Dynamics

This is specifically relevant for my Younique Workspace clients but I include it here as well as it really has changed my life. (Link Coming Soon)

The Social Source

Again this is specifically relevant for my Younique Workspace clients, but if you run a business and are interested in becoming more ‘social’ then this programme is for you. (Link Coming Soon)